TripTantra team empowers user to pick and choose the places/sites they want to roam/enjoy during their vacation. This is the 2nd step, where user has the freedom to pick a handful of sites from the pool of all sites. This is a unique model unlike other travel portals, which are mostly concentrated on heavy packaged bundled trips. We have set user’s choice as our first and foremost priority. This page consists of all the secondary sites (ex. Agra, Taj Mahal, etc.)  in a primary site (ex. Uttar Pradesh). Our secondary sites are being chosen upon various factors which throws light on the right culture, perfect whether condition, etc. The pics chosen to refer these sites are bare minimum edited to reflect the right condition and atmosphere. As user picks his/her desired sites, the map on the left panel starts pointing out the locations on the map simultaneously. Once the user has finished choosing the sites, he/she needs to click on “Generate route” button. This is where TripTantra stands apart. Once this option has been chosen, the backend engine reflects the most optimum route covering all chosen sites of interest. This optimum route results an optimum itinerary covering all the selected sites in the most perfect timing of the day. In other words, user has just to select the desired sites, and in return he/she can get the full itinerary which covers RIGHT PLACE @ RIGHT TIME.

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