Last but the least. There you go, the final step before you start enjoying your trip. This would be the 4th step where, user gets various options to select the mode of transport. This option provides a pool of CABs which are being categorized as per the luxury. Triptantra team partners with the best and experienced travel agencies in the state who are committed to provide best service to our customers. We have circled an internal team which does a routine checkup in periodic intervals to ensure our customers receive the best service when it comes to transport. Here at Triptantra, we provide 3 types of transport options. Below are the transport services we provide:

1.       Book a CAB from source

2.       Book a cab at the destination

3.       Self-drive cars

Book a CAB from Source –

This option provides user to start the trip right from his/her residence. For ex. If the user has booked a trip from Bangalore to Pune, selecting this option will fix the CAB reporting at your residence on your specified time and trip date.

Book a CAB at Destination –

This option let users to book a CAB at the destination at your specified time and date. For ex. If the user has booked a trip from Bangalore to Pune, selecting this option will set your CAB reporting at your specified location at the destination point.

Self-drive cars –

We do recognize the air of self-drive/car rental service is spreading rapidly and users are opting for self-drive cars as it provides a sense of independency and privacy. Here at TripTantra, we care and respect the rising market of this industry. We are strongly working on the same, to bag this option into our transport service. This would be our next shift to merge travel and transport in a total new level.

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