You are on a trip.

1.       Do you know which places are you going to roam/enjoy?

2.       Do you wish to pick your places as per your choice & pay as per your selection?

3.       Do you wish to visit the right place @ right time?

4.       Are you aware of the correct route you going to travel from start to end?

5.       Do you wish to book a cab from source or destination?

6.       Do you know how much the cab guy gonna charge you per day?

7.       Do you wish to choose your own vehicle and know the price as per your choices?

8.       Do you wish to grab a well-behaved driver during your trip?

9.       Do you want to plan the full budget of your trip?

10.   Where you gonna stay?

11.   Do you know which is the authentic shop for chocolates, honey, spices, etc.  ?

12.   Are you insured while you are tripping?



Company’s DNA:

TripTantra DNA includes transforming the way people travel in INDIA. The customer centric approach which provides user to custom their choices end to end when planning a trip. It provides an open environment by which one can have the freedom to travel by their own choice. It’s never a package but an open shop which guides the user to plan an effective trip. Time has rolled out, when people wanted to travel once in a year by paying heavy package bundled trips. They can now choose everything in a trip and we will provide them to have it at right time. Providing a safe, comfort and sound trip is what we stand for.


With TripTantra you can:

1. Enjoy the experience by which a traveler travels. (Customization)

2. Fully customize trips. (Pay as you roam).

3. ENJOY the RIGHT place @ RIGHT time and MANAGE your trip EFFICIENTLY from scratch.

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