Welcome to TripTantra! We are trying to improvise the tourism sector in INDIA through innovative ways. The focus area is on Indian Tourism and Hospitality industry.

We are developing a digital platform, where whole Travel community would be together – the travelers and the travel agencies. Tourists planning for a holiday trip would login to this platform to choose sightseeing of their choice, select the type of vehicle, block the dates in a hotel for his term stay, gather info about the place, and calculate his trip budget etc., Complete planning of his trip much before the trip dates. A document of his options are sent to himself as well as the selected travel agency. This smoothens the process and prepares both parties for the trip date. This innovative way of trip planning will be the next disruption in the travel market in INDIA.  In this verse, Triptantra was born 2 years ago on 27th Day of May 2016.

Providing every data points about the trip, is what we stand for – starting from the planning, executing and safety up to shopping, staying and enjoying. Everything about trip on one stop – TripTantra!

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