TripTantra provides an open environment by which one can have the freedom to travel by their own choice. It’s never a package but an open shop which guides the user to plan an effective trip. Below are the services which we offer:

1.       Customizing trips.

2.       Instant budget calculation.

3.       Visiting the Right place @ Right time.

4.       Customizing transport options.

How is TripTantra different from other travel portals?

TripTantra DNA includes transforming the way people travel in INDIA. The customer centric approach which provides user to custom their choices end to end when planning a trip. Time has rolled out, when people wanted to travel once in a year by paying heavy package bundled trips. With TripTantra one can now customize everything in a trip and the choices will be delivered at the right time. Providing a safe, comfort and sound trip is what we stand for. Below are the points, which shows how we are different from other travel portals:

1.       Total customization of trips. Places/site-seeing/adventures, etc.

2.       Instant budget calculation. Need not to wait 24-48 hrs for quotations ; as with other travel portals.

3.       Pay as you roam concept. No package system. Pay only that much as you have chosen to roam.

4.       An easy user friendly platform (map), which identifies nearby options of adventures/ sightseeing/fun sports/etc., It would show up an effective route covering all the places the user has chosen.

5.       Different mode of travel options.


What is the fee policy?

Triptantra understands user priorities and is very flexible when it comes to booking a trip. Below are the 2 ways by which user can choose to pay us.

** For more details please refer the detailed Fee policy/Canellation and Refund policy**


How will I know the best time to visit a place?

Providing the correct information and data about the selected place is our top most priority. Referring our webpage, one can easily identify the correct whether of that place along with the temperature in Centigrade/Ferrante. Additionally, each site of a place has been categorized by Morning, Afternoon and Evening site; which can get you an accurate indication of the best time to visit. This feature automatically gets added to your itinerary.


How much accurate the site photos are?

Our site pics engine updates new pics per quarter basis, hence showing the true color of Nature in all 4 seasons. We believe in authenticity and do apply bare minimum editing techniques which doesn’t saturate the pics, but shows the clear whether indications. 


How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you book your trip with us, you would be getting a mail/sms confirmation regarding your reservation. 48 hours before the trip, you will be getting the detailed itinerary (as per your choice) on your mailbox.


What attributes does my detailed planned Itinerary contain?

Your planned itinerary will consist of the following attributes:

1.       Day wise map view.

2.       Transportation method.

3.       Description, activities and Max. coverage time list per site.

4.       Information regarding shopping/whether report/ authentic items, etc

5.       Distance from the reference point.


I want to see places which is known for specified categories; as Adventure sports, Romantic getaways, Historical places, etc. How can I list those sites all in together?

One can select the type of categories on our home page to view awesome category places. You can select more than 1 category.


I don’t want to choose/customize any site; I just want to cover each site of a place. What should I do?

We do understand that every user would not opt for customization. Hence, for the same we have the “Suggested Route” section on the map page which covers all the sites of a place, covering them in an effective route.


How can I add/extend a place to my list while I am tripping?

Our databases cover all the sites which are worth visiting. If also you wish to visit a site(s) which is not listed in our databases, then you can simply mail us on support@triptantra.com. We can add the site(s) in your itinerary.


How can I reset the dates while planning my trip?

You can click on the “Reset” button on our map page to reset the dates while planning a trip.


How can I refer the route-map at the time of roaming/sightseeing?

You will be receiving a document of your itinerary prefilled with all your choices. Additionally, we are also rolling out the android app version where one can easily download the route-map and play it offline to navigate while tripping. No internet connection is needed on your phone for this feature. Only google map application is needed to run the above.


What about accommodation through TripTantra?

TripTantra mainly targets to maximize the experience to the fullest by bridging the gap between mother nature at its best and the traveler. Having said that, no doubt accommodation is one of the main thread which strengthens this experience. We will be rolling out accommodation options divided among themselves in several categories for you to select. 


How can I get info regarding shopping, authentic items, hotels, etc.?

All the related information will be specified on your detailed itinerary which you would be receiving 48 hrs before the trip starts.


How can I add a continuation trip?

To add a continuation trip, you can select the option “Add a continuous trip” on our 3rd page. This is where you would be entering your address information for your transport (pick up) options.


What are the travel insurance policy offered?

Will be coming soon...


How are travel agents/operators are being chosen?

We consider our travel agents/operators are the main engine of your growth. We filter and select the finest travel agents. We have a separate team concentrated for this selection process. Travel agents/operators/drivers need to pass through a series of verification before they get the registered license card for operating TripTantra customers. Such as, driver behavioral aspect, agency legal documents, portfolio check, police verification, tidiness of vehicles, driving license, driving skills and years of operation. Post which, TripTanta team also carries out a field inspection to impart a formal training of drivers and operators. This is to ensure our customer gets a safe, comfort and sound trip.

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How do I create my account?

You can easily hit our website at triptantra.com where Signup options pops up automatically on the home page itself. One can get 3 options to select for signing up and creating an account with TripTantra. The options are mentioned below along with the screenshot.

1.       Register via Google Account

2.       Register via Facebook Account

3.       Register with Email


How can I reset my password?

Once you hit triptantra.comyou can refer the “Forgot Password” button present in top right corner of the home page. Once you hit the same, you will be notified to enter your mail address. Post which, you will be getting an email with a reset password link. You can click on the link and reset your password. Please do login to check if your entered password is correct. Below is the screenshot of the same, highlighted with the “Forgot Password” button.


Why registering/signing up is mandatory?

Triptantra team is committed to provide better service when it comes to trip planning. The web platform is being so designed, that it empowers user to customize a trip end to end. One can easily, select the sites/destinations upon his/her choices, select the transport options, etc. Sometimes, user choice ratio is not that optimum with respect to the distance traveled and trip budget. In other words, the site/destination selection can be further more optimized better with the same trip budget. We take this opportunity to optimize things from our end and notify you about the changes. The optimized itinerary is then intimated to user through an email. This process, is fast and doesn’t require user intervention. Moreover, user gets a chance to approve or decline the optimized itinerary sent by us. If we don’t have user’s email address, then it would take a bit longer time to notify users about the optimization. 

Note -

·       We do not take any opportunity to send repeated mails or offers related to trips.

·       The optimized itinerary sent by us comes with the same trip budget as selected/calculated/customized by the user.

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What mode of transport are available through TripTantra?

TripTantra offers 2 types of transport options. Below are the details:

1.       Selecting CAB from source location – Suppose, one is tripping from Banglore to Munnar – By selecting this option, the CAB gets booked starts from your source/home location.

2.       Selecting CAB from destination location – Suppose, one is tripping from Banglore to Munnar – By selecting this option, the CAB gets booked for you and would start from the destination location; in this case, Munnar.

** We will be also rolling out bus transport service with renowned bus operators**


What would be my pickup and drop-off point of roaming/sightseeing at a place?

Pick-up point at any case would be your reference address which you would have submitted to us. It can be your hotel address on-site or source/home location (Depends on what transport option you have chosen).


If a car doesn't reach a pickup point or is late, what do I do?

TripTantra is committed to time and we strictly follow the trend not to keep waiting our customers for pick up. If in any case, of emergency (cab breakdown, heavy traffic conditions, etc) you will be notified much earlier. If things don’t go right, please do inform us by calling on our support number. We will make sure you get the pickup asap.


Is there any provision for self-drive vehicles?

This new avatar of the organized Self-drive Cars concept has already rung the bell and made up its mark in the Indian market. This new innovative way of travelling experience has been opted by many travelers. TripTantra team is closely working to build this service for our customers. Details would be shared to members shortly.

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How can I reschedule the dates post booking?

Below is the rescheduling policy. You can mail us on support@triptantra.com We will get in touch with you for the modification instantly.


How can I modify my transport options post booking?

Below is the rescheduling policy. You can mail us on support@triptantra.com We will get in touch with you for the modification instantly.

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How can I cancel the booking?

Below is the cancellation policy:


How can I apply for a refund?

Once you decide to cancel your trip, you will be receiving a mail stating the refund amount as per the policy. Alternatively, you can always mail us to support@triptantra.com for further clarification. 

Within how many days my refund can be processed?

All Refunds made shall be through the original payment account only within 1-7 business days.

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What payment options are available?

We have various payment options to give you a delightful booking experience:

·     Debit/ Credit Cards

·     Net Banking

·     NEFT Transfer

Usually Internet Bank Transfer is the cheapest mode of payment for the traveler, as for allthe other modes, banks and payment gateway providers charge an extra fee which has to be borne by the customer.


What if my payment fails?

Is it safe to use my debit/credit cards on Triptantra?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use your card on triptantra.com. A recent directive from RBI makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which must be entered by buyers while paying online using visa or master credit card. It means extra security for customers, thus making online transactions safer.

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How can I raise a complaint while I am tripping?

You can always mail us to support@triptantra.com for raising a complaint. We will act on it asap.


What if it is a bad whether, local strike or a natural calamity?

TripTantra commits to customer safety. We would have been notified earlier by the travel agency/operator about the situation. But, if in any case you face the above situation, please call us on our support number. We have a direct call in option for raising an emergency. TripTantra team will ensure your safety in the shortest time possible.


What if I exceed the planned Kilometers?

TripTantra allows a max permissible of ± 10 kilometers’ distance of travel (counter starting from maiden CAB arrival time at Pickup point on the trip day). If in any case, you want to exceed the Kilometers by visiting any of the local site, then you must pay of the extra distance travelled. Once your trip ends, the driver would be confirming the exact distance (in kilometers) travelled, which is then matched to your planned distance. Norms are designed in a transparent manner allowing both parties (traveler and the travel agency) a complete clarification.


How can I get in touch with TripTantra team?

You can always mail us to support@triptantra.com for any clarification. We would be delighted to assist you.


How can I write a feedback/review regarding my trip?

After every trip, we will be sending you a feedback/review form. Alternatively, you can also post your feedback in any of our social media channels. We have a great presence on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog and Twitter.

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